Lake Garda, surroundings
and the Pool Gardailmelograno

Lake Garda, in ancient times called “Benaco”, covers an area of 370 kmq and touches the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. It is an alpine lake, 51 km long and maximum 17 km large. Around the Lake there are 25 fascinating villages, reachable through the "Gardesana", or the highway.

Lake Garda, as well as being a wonderful holiday resort with its mild climate and its beautiful vegetation, is also rich in historical monuments, castles and fortresses.
In the past, and not only, writers and painters choose Lake Garda for their holidays, or even to live, avoiding chaos and having the possibility to enjoy nature, history and focus on their works.

The 100 sqm swimming pool surrounded by the countryside with a wide sundeck, equipped with sun beds and beach umbrellas, is located in a fenced green area of 2000 sqm.

Depth: 1.30 m with separate 0.40 m area for children

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Il Melograno Holiday Home is located in a geographic area rich in local products such as wines, olive oil, fragrant lemons, and much more. You can enjoy its agricultural products and its food and wine offer.
The local climate is mild although Lake Garda is of Alpine origin: it is unusual that the surrounding area is a typical Mediterranean environment full of vineyards and olive groves. If you are curious, you can discover history and culture of this land and its flavours.


After winter hibernation come discover spring at Lake Garda, with the awakening of nature, the longest days full of bright and happy colors. Come visit us!